Advertising on the Cleveland Park Web Site

Since it's official launching in September '98, the Cleveland Park Web Site has grown tremendously.

  • Has approx.. 10,000 visitors; daily visits are steadily increasing
  • Has mentions in the Washington Post, the Common Denominator, and the Northwest Current
  • Uses a dynamic public bulletin board with topics ranging from classified to help wanted to housing to commentaries
  • Increasing interest in the site and the services it offers the community is readily apparent in our server logs which often registers over 1,000 hits a day.
  • Constantly expanding mailing list of people interested in Cleveland Park news
  • Growing membership of "" addresses (users with
  • Several community organizations now utilize as their *only* web presence and promote it to their memberships.

Also, of recent note is the addition in the major search engines of When a search is performed on Netscape Search for "Washington DC Businesses" or "Businesses in Washington DC" the Cleveland Park Web Site ranks within 5 of the top ten results. When a search is performed for "Restaurants in Washington DC" it ranks number 1! The Netscape editors describe the site as "An exhaustive listing of shops, restaurants and businesses in this NW Washington, DC neighborhood..."

The site is now approaching three years since it was first registered and has been solely maintained by Perspective Concepts.

Advertising Rates:
Section Banner Ad
Column Ad
(left edge)
Home Page $100/week
(2 week minimum)
(4 week minimum)
Category Page
(Dining, News, Shopping, Travel, Computers, etc.)
(2 week minimum)
(4 week minimum)
Store Page
(listed by individual store names)
(4 week minimum)
(4 week minimum)

Banner Ads: 500x60 pixels, 256 colors (jpg format); animated: 500x60 pixels, 16 colors, max. 5 frames (gif format)
Column Ads: 125x125 pixels, 256 colors (jpg format); animated 125x125 pixels, 16 colors, max. 5 frames (gif format)


We can design an html page for inclusion on the site to be linked from a banner or column ad. The URL will read:
which may be used for promotional purposes. HTML design and graphic design rates are $75.00/hr with a $150.00 min. Time to design will vary depending on the complexity of the page to be designed. In addition to the banner or column ad rates a $5.00/month (or any fraction thereof) surcharge will apply for server space.

Ad Submission

Supplied for inclusion via email or on diskette at least 1 week prior to inclusion on the site.

Ad Design

We can design an ad for you at our $75.00/hr. design rates ($100.00 min) which can include your logos and/or other supplied artwork or photographs. A flat $50.00 charge will apply for any design work that is performed but not used, even in the event that an ad is cancelled.

All ads must be paid for prior to inclusion on the site.

Please e-mail or call Perspective Concepts at 202-237-9800 if you have any questions.

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